ORCAS excels in servicing complex construction projects in a variety of industries where stakeholder expectations and risks are high. Our vast expertise allows us to serve leading Life Sciences, Microelectronics, Healthcare, Data Centers, Government Laboratories, Airports, Oil & Gas, and Mining companies, ensuring success at every level.

Through the optimization of people, processes, and technology, ORCAS delivers innovative highly customized project controls solutions for our clients. Take a look at some of our successes:

Hand holding janssen award plaque

Customer Acknowledgement

ORCAS serves the needs of a few clients each year with the highest level of customer service possible, focusing on quality and not quantity. ORCAS was recently acknowledged for our contribution by Johnson and Johnson Vacaville for the PMK/SIR Project. During our service to NEC Electronics for almost two decades, ORCAS was also acknowledged with numerous awards of service for our support in successful project delivery, one of which included the construction of the largest cleanroom manufacturing facility in the United States at the time of construction.

Silicone wafer with processor cores

Project Control Pays: $840 Million

ORCAS implemented an enterprise-based project management system at one of the Nation's leading semiconductor manufacturers. A great deal was at stake for this this project and company; if they weren't successful their operations could move overseas. They did not only deliver their first tool ramp on-time, they were EARLY! Due to the tools ORCAS implemented, the team successfully delivered the project 12 weeks early. Since each day of production is worth $10 Million in revenue, this equates to $840 Million in Opportunity Revenue. Project Control does pay!

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Making Aviation History

ORCAS delivered scheduling services to the construction team for an historic terminal move at Los Angeles International Airport. "This is the largest relocation of its kind in US aviation history,” says Ranjan Goswami, a Delta Representative.

  • 20 airlines were moved to support Delta's relocation from terminals 5 and 6 to terminals 2 and 3 and each airline completed its relocation overnight and resumed operations in their new location the following morning
  • 40 percent of the flights into and out of LAX changed terminal locations
  • 30,000 Delta passengers are potentially impacted each day traveling in and out of LAX
  • Any slip in the tightly coordinated schedule would have triggered gridlock

The Delta move is the largest successful airline relocation at an international airport. Planning and scheduling was key to the success of this terminal move that took place over 5 days. ORCAS is honored to have participated in this historic achievement.

The Faith Project for BioMarin Pharmaceutical received the Facility of the Year Award for Project Execution sponsored by by ISPE, INTERPHEX and Pharmaceutical Processing magazine

Facility of the Year Award

The Faith Project for BioMarin Pharmaceutical received the Facility of the Year Award for Project Execution sponsored by by ISPE, INTERPHEX and Pharmaceutical Processing magazine. "The central reason BioMarin’s Project FAITH embodies the ideals of the ISPE Facility of the Year is that it demonstrates how, when teamed with the industry’s best people, equipped with the right technology, and energized by the right motivation, an impossible project is made possible. The execution of Project FAITH represents a spectacular display of pharmaceutical engineering and professionalism, attributable to many accelerating elements." ORCAS managed the master integrated project schedule for Project Faith and worked with the team to optimize schedule performance.

The Genentech facility (NIMO) in Oceanside, CA also received this prestigious award sponsored by ISPE, INTERPHEX and Pharmaceutical Processing magazine. The Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) competition recognizes state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing projects that utilize new and innovative technologies to enhance the delivery of a quality project, as well as reduce the cost of producing high quality medicines. The NIMO project team "delivered the base project on time and under budget." ORCAS managed the master construction schedule for this successful project.

Visit ISPE for all current FOYA awards.

Two engineers working on cables Photo credit: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

United States Secretary's Project Management Award

The Terascale Simulation Facility (TSF) project won the Secretary's Project Management Award of Achievement. This large construction project provided power and space to accommodate two simultaneous 100-teraOPs-class computer systems operations. TSF became the home for next-generation supercomputers. ORCAS represented Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in scheduling and project controls. Our team also supported the Lab's project controls team in achieving EVMS Certification.

NIF Target Chamber Photo credit: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

World's Largest Laser Facility

The National Ignition Facility (NIF) is a 192-beam laser facility the size of a sports stadium. The system is so powerful it produces 1000 times the electrical generating power of the United States. ORCAS supported a variety of companies to control and manage the complex schedule on this $3.5 billion project, including contractors representing the disciplines of process-piping, beam path and steel installation, electrical and general construction.

Constructech Vision Award

Constructech Vision Award

ORCAS received the Constructech Vision Award as a technology enabler to MannKind Corporation for their successful capital project in the Industrial / Mfg. category. ORCAS supported MannKind Corporation by implementing an enterprise-based project management solution based on Primavera as well as performing project controls for their successful $250M+ Project.